Who We Are?


Eunic Energy Nigeria Plc is an independent solar energy, oil and gas company located in Umuahia, Abia State.  We actively participate in the servicing and maintenance of solar systems,  drilling equipment and facilities and development of proven oil and gas fields in an effort to generate long term income.

The Eunic Energy management team has participated in the maintenance and support of oil  wells around Nigeria. Our experienced team has been able to give our partners the needed support in risk reduction and providing feasibility reports for drilling projects with huge upside potential.  


Our Commitment


At Eunic Energy, we truly value the relationship we have with our partners.  We believe a partnership should be beneficial for all involved,  including our investors. The experience of the Eunic Energy management team, the relationships we have developed and the rigorous due diligence we have devoted to every project we undertake allows us to deliver on time and on budget for our premier industry partners.




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