Technical Manpower Services

We specialize in manpower placement and support which cuts across the oil and gas industry value chain, through exploration, asset development-drilling and reservoir management, production, including the development of production facilities, refining, and primary distribution.

Our personnel consist of a multi-discipline project teams cutting across all these areas depending on the phase of client projects.  We guarantee rapid turnaround time, from initial identification of client’s specific search need, to actual placement of contractors on the work site.

Beyond hiring and placement of personnel, we provide cost effective support services such as accommodation, immigration and visa services, travel management, transportation services, administrative and other forms of logistic support which helps to optimize the overall cost of personnel to client projects, helping them to maintain the critical resourcing balance on projects at the very best prices.



  • Recruitment, covering manpower search and placement services
  • Payroll management, covering timesheet handling, processing, transfers to personnel accounts, tax administration
  • Provision of accommodation for personnel
  • Transportation
  • Procurement of work permits and visas
  • Facilitation of local and international travel
  • Background Checking and Verification of personnel details
  • Database Management

Human Resources

We recruit, deploy, and manage all employee skill level and job categories.  Some of our personnel types are listed below and are available either for short or long terms assignments:


  • Skilled
  • Semi-skilled
  • Unskilled
  • Professionals

We have agreements in place with international alliance partners which give us access to a global talent pool.  Our services include

  1. Drafting of contracts of employment in line with the Nigerian labour laws and client/industry peculiarities
  2. Conducting background checks on candidates before commencement of employment or confirmation of the candidates.
  3. Payroll management and administration
  4. Group life assurance policy arrangements
  5. Pension contribution and payment management
  6. Pre-employment medical checks
  7. Procurement and management of health insurance policies for outsourced staff

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